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Meet the Team

Any business is only as good as the people that that work within it...

Everyone is an individual and when working in a team environment we want that individuality to be at the forefront so new ideas, thoughts and perspectives are shared.

We look to harness these differences to make sure we get creative thinking running throughout the business.

Meet the Executive Board

Andy Gratton

Managing Director
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Scott Page

Finance Director
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Tania Cressey

Head of Human Resources
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Henry Bisson

Marketing Director
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Phil Donnelly

Sales Director
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Nick Davy

Operation Director
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Pippa Rowe-Bewick

Product Management Director
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Gareth Ware

Special Projects & Business Development Director
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Meet the Team

The business is not just about the Executive Board... Everyone in the company contributes to the success of Ring. Here are just some examples of what our other colleagues do to make Ring a success and keep on delivering for our customers.

Keith Booth

Head Of Field Sales

Dan O'Brien

Head Of Key Accounts

Danial James

Head Of Retail Sales
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James Holland

Online Content Manager
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James Shippen

Senior Marketing Executive
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Glynn Dawson

Supply Chain Category Manager
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